In recent years, with the surge of the internet, it has become much easier for unhappy customers to vent their frustrations about particular companies or bad installations. And as we have seen, some become very enthused by the matter and take things much further by waging online campaigns against particular companies. I can understand customers’ frustrations, and I can pretty much understand that some of them want to air their views. I do think however that waging online campaigns against certain businesses is a very precarious bridge to walk. Now free speech allows people to say anything they want, through any website, as many times as they wish, which forms the backbone of an organised campaign. In reality, companies can do nothing substantial about it. They could take people to court for slander, but that process takes a while and benefits nobody. Reputations don’t recover, and if you’re a double glazing company the court house is the last place you want to be. Which brings me to my point. With such accessible media now available, installation companies must do their best to get the job done right first time round. If that is not possible, then they must bend over as backward as they can to rectify any remedial work, and do it quickly. This of course puts more pressure on companies and fitters. But there is nothing that can be done about that. Customers now have way too many rights (apologies if you are a consumer reading this but it’s true!), and as we have seen on YouTube, there are a lot more videos showcasing the bad installations around the country, doing the reputation of the double glazing industry no good.