We had our first FENSA inspection of the year today and confirmed something that I mention in an earlier post. TWS of Leeds have officially gone out of business. TWS were based in Garforth, Leeds and Thorp Arch which I think is Hull. We weren’t their biggest competitors but we did come up against them often enough, luckily we had a good percentage against them. There were rumours of money and advertisement mis-management and they did lose their best salesman to one of their competitors, plus they were struggling with debts.

The inspector also told us that Safestyle has put their fitters on 3 day weeks and they have taken a 20% pay cut. How they can be earning a decent wage I don’t know. And I suppose the big question many people have asked now and in previous years is how are they still going!?

Another company/branch in Castleford has also gone under. I’m trying to confirm the company name so as soon as I get confirmation I’ll let it be known.

This is just a quick update, I’ll analyse and pick it apart in another post later on this evening.