For a while now people have been telling me to invest in the blog and move it away from the blogspot format. Well I am now doing so and have asked http://www.degrafik.co.uk/ to re-create this blog with it’s own domain name and space. This will hopefully draw more visitors to the site, make commenting a lot easier and provide a clearer platform for debate and discussion.

As of now no date has been set for this to happen, but from a personal point of view I want it to be up and running as soon as possible.

The layout is going to be roughly the same to keep it looking familiar to those who already view the site regularly. Changing the look may do more harm than good. Yesterday was by far the best day for visitor numbers to the website, no doubt due to the reporting of the MBO of Synseal, but hopefully some of those new visitors will return to view the site regularly. Google is becoming the main source of traffic to the blog, and I know that while it remains in the blogspot format there will be limits to how far it can grow and expand.

I started the blog in March 2008 and it has done better than I thought it ever would, but I want it to expand further, perhaps even challenge the RCG site! I don’t see why it can’t. I’ve set up a decent enough format, I now need to just step it up a gear or two.

As soon as I know when this will be happening it’ll be posted on here!