As has been said many times, as well as this blog, the more people get to grip with the internet, the more customers who are dissatisfied will air their views publicly.

Take Mr Marten for example. He left his story on http://www.double-glazing-forum.com/. He was unhappy with the work a company (who will remain nameless for legal and knee-cap reasons) carried out for him in 2009. The job was so unsatisfactory, and because damage had been done to his property, a court case ensued. I’m not going to divulge specifics, but if any of you are interested in what has happened, or the result of the court case, then visit the web address above and follow the link to his website. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

I’m going to try not to mention company names when it comes to serious matters like this. I realise I tread a fine line when I do so, so for now, I’ll just stick to national bashing!

This is another example of how customers can exact their revenge if installations are not professionally done. It seems like complete ignorance and stupidity to me that companies still do not put as much effort as they should into quality of installation and customer services. This is quite an elaborate website and Mr Marten has gone to some effort to get across his message. Companies should listen and see where they can improve. If they don’t they risk the same happening to them.