The double glazing community in the blogging world is expanding at a steady pace. And from blogging came Twitter. Micro-blogging. Quicker, concise and more ‘real-time’. At first people were heralding the huge opportunities Twitter would give to double glazing companies. But in reality, Twitter has provided a better communication channel between those in the industry. The commercial opportunities have been pretty much not existent. The reason? Twitter isn’t a big enough platform. 140 characters is nowhere near enough for a potential customer to make decent contact with a supplier/installer. Direct messaging would be the only private way of passing on details, but that still isn’t the most ideal way of making contact.

What Twitter has done is improved communication between those in our industry. I have always been one to support better communication between companies as I think it would improve industry conditions. The more we talk to each other, the more influence we have and the more changes and decisions we can make for ourselves. Twitter has made this process easier and faster. The only draw back is again with the number of characters, but I suppose if Twitter isn’t suitable, a blog would be just as good.

In terms of being useful to businesses, it isn’t really. Twitter is nothing more than a social past time with communicative advantages. Twitter won’t make businesses much money, nor will it raise the standing of a particular business, no matter how much that business tweets or blogs. It’s quite fun though!