Despite the weather being much brighter of late, that still isn’t going to get the customers out in their droves to buy windows and doors. We still all have to assume the recession mentality. Always think: ‘What more could I be doing?’

Get out on the street and get your company name on people’s minds. They may not want replacement double glazing right now, but maybe in a few months time, or even a year, that leaflet, brochure or business card that was sent to them might spring your company name to mind first.

The riskiest thing to do is to think that things are getting better and you don’t have to do as much as you did last year. That’s completely the wrong thing to think. You have to consider that this year will be as bad as last. If you make the same effort this year as last year, then there is plenty of money and extra work to be found.

Thinking the worst forces you to be on your toes and do the most you can, every time. Thats the way I work. Personally I work better under pressure. We all do here, which is why we came out of the recession safe and sound, with better knowledge and experience for when things get hard again.