Regular readers will find that I have had to remove two posts due to the threat of legal action. Claims were made that these posts were libellous, in my opinion they were only voicing my opinion about the health of the conservatory industry and how companies can be doing so well despite the difficult trading conditions. However, the company which took it upon themselves to get involved in the conversation threatened legal action, so I had no choice but to remove the posts. Thankyou to all that had left comments, but in the future I’ll have to take more time in considering what comments to publish.

It is a shame in this day and age that instead of talking about certain issues, people/businesses resort to legal action to find a solution. Apologies to all that had left their comments. Send me an email next time or something!!

Update: I won’t be publishing anymore comments about this subject. There are too many trap doors and I don’t want to let this blog, which started out as a small personal venture, become bombarded with legal action threats. RCG has said a similar thing in the past! I want to carry on with this blog un-threatened and unpressured, this will allow me to write the best material I can. However, if anyone has any gossip for me or wants to vent their frustrations about a company and their practices, email me at glazingblogger@googlemail.com that way I won’t have to be put in front of a judge!

Again apologies to those who have commented, this wasn’t my wish but I have to think of the repurcussions.