At the minute my poll is showing that Labour and the Green Party have recieved the most of the few votes that have been cast. What did get me thinking though is how the double glazing industry would get along with a Green Government.

Would they support investment into PVCu recyling? Would they be interested in pushing the benefits of energy rated windows? Or would they hit out at the PVC industry because of our heavy reliance on the use of oil to make the PVC polymers?

I think they would do both. I think they would support us in our efforts to make energy efficient windows carry a 5% or 0% VAT rate. And I think they could also provide some sort of grant scheme to help boost the industry. But I also think they would put money into finding better, more sustainable ways of producing the polymers required to make PVCu windows and doors.

But, that alone wouldn’t get my vote. Economically they aren’t experienced, and their other policies don’t inspire me with confidence.