The last post about my visitor numbers was shown in weeks, which probably wasn’t so easy to look at, so I’ve got it in months now:

I must have written something very interesting over the Christmas period! It shot up at that point. The graph’s figures are taken up to today, which explains the sharp dip at the end.

To date the stats are:
  • 5623 visits
  • 9975 page views
  • 1.77 page views per visit
  • Bounce rate: 68.27%
  • Average time on site: 2min 26sec
  • New visits: 32.62%
  • 1852 different visitors
  • Visits from USA: 108
  • Average time on site from USA visitors: 14sec
  • Visits from Philippines: 17
  • Average time on site from Philippine visitors: 3min 19sec
I thought I’d show the last four stats because of the strange differences between the American and Philippine visitors.
I know those stats can be improved on, and that will involve getting this blog a proper independent website. But last time I tried that it nearly all went wrong, so if I’m going to do it I’ll get a proper website nerd to do it!

The reason why the graph starts at August is because that is when I started to get my first views coming through and my first comments.
PS: you’ll have to click on the image to get it full size!