>Visitors Or Page Views?

>If you're a blogger, there are two main statistics that mean the most. Visitor numbers and page views.Visitor numbers are vital. The more visitors, the wider spread of people you're reaching out to. One level up from that are unique visitor numbers. The count of separate individuals - rather than numerous visits to your site [...]

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>Doors For £800 to £1000

>My most recent poll: How Much Should An Average Door Be Sold For? has finished, and the clear winner, and what most people think is that the average door in this industry should be sold for between £800-£1000. The rest of the results are below:These are how the results were split:£400-£600: 12£600-£800: 3£800-£1000: 23£1000+: 5There [...]

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>UK Market Report

> Insight Data has released it's UK Market Report for the double glazing industry in 2010: Fabricators: 2010 saw a decline in the number of fabricators: 4552 in total, across all materials. 34% changed their materials. PVCu fabricators declined to 1844 - aluminium fabricators increased in numbers The number of PVCu fabricators dual-sourcing their systems [...]

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>Some Stats!

>Despite this blog being started in March 2009, I didn't start receiving comments and views until the beginning of August. So, the stats below are based from August 2009 and onwards:Visits per month/page views per month for 2009:August: 201/510September: 309/671October: 430/883November: 438/701December: 372/626Visits per month/page views per month for 2010:January: 806/1226February: 868/1382March: 919/1690April: 930/1736May: 795/1325June: [...]

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>Blog Visitor Numbers

>The last post about my visitor numbers was shown in weeks, which probably wasn't so easy to look at, so I've got it in months now:I must have written something very interesting over the Christmas period! It shot up at that point. The graph's figures are taken up to today, which explains the sharp dip [...]

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>Visitor Numbers All Over The Place!

>Looking back at my blog, it has become obvious that there aren't many pictures on here. So I got to thinking, what picture/graphic can I put on here which could be slightly relevant? So here we go:This graph is timed from 1st August, roughly when I was first discovered by RCG, up to today. What [...]

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