I’ve been having a few ideas (like I usually do) and have stumbled on a possibly workable one. Many in this industry have said we need unity, but we all know that is hard to achieve. So, I’ve taken the Parliamentary blue print and applied it to the PVCu industry. The idea is to create a group/party for each sector of our industry. One for installers, fabricators and systems companies, one for IGU’s and one for hardware/parts companies.

If we can get as many companies to join the groups as possible, get some dialogue going, we might be able to make some progress for strong and singular industry voice. I’ve always thought that more open communication can only do the industry good, but the platforms have to be there for people/companies to be able to do so.

The dream result at the end of all this would be if all the different sectors in our trade were to piece together a true, strong industry body that the whole market to use or go to to provide advice, help, one that can actually stick up for the companies, unlike so many of the other PR driven schemes.

All this is still fairly fresh and I’m already thinking of hurdles I’ll need to get through to make this all work. So I need everyone’s help and ideas. All are welcome. I have the drive to make things like this work, so email me or comment with your advice and direction.

The blog for the installers is: http://www.glazinginstallersgroup.blogspot.com/