If you’ve read my last post you’ll know how unfair it is that Anglian actually have 6 different companies/company names. If you’ve read my last post and have multiple company names yourself then you’ll probably be indifferent to this post!

Anglian Home Improvements seem to have six registered business names. One can only assume that these are fall-back businesses just in case their core businesses in the home improvement sector fail. To me this seems highly unfair, as a business that have gone bust in this industry usually deserve to go bankrupt. This is just a way to play the unregulated system, where the big boys stay employed, earning lots of money, while bottom of the ladder staff are laid off from other businesses and customers lose their guarantees.

The practise in unethical, and highly unfair to those companies who trade under one name, without shadow businesses. This does however showcase one thing. If companies set up other businesses for those ‘just in case times’, does it not show that they don’t have full confidence in their main business? To me if your running your company well and are profitable, you won’t need to add other businesses names.

Going back to Anglian again, it would be interesting to know how many of those six businesses are up for sales. Is it just the home improvements businesses or is it all 6? Could anyone in the know fill us in?

In extreme cases like this I think are are grounds for restrictions, purely on business ethical grounds. Anglian seem to be a bit like a hermit. When the shell of their current business doesn’t do it for them anymore, they can always move home into another business, leaving the old shell and it’s customers with no protection and no guarantee.