Somehow I’ve managed to get myself to just over 400 posts, which I think is pretty impressive to say I’ve only been writing a year and a half, and it’s about a subject which, if your not careful, you can find yourself repeating the same material.

So finding new material to write about can be quite difficult. On one hand you can’t be so outrageous in case it affects you or the company you work for, but at the same time you want what you write to be worth reading. My inspiration comes to me as I’m driving. More specifically late at night, with some form of rock or metal music on. That for me is where my best and clearest ideas come to me, sometimes I expand them in my head too much I can’t fully offload my thoughts accurately in a post!

Metal music while driving doesn’t sound the most calming of atmosphere’s to get creative but it works for me! Everyone is different I suppose. So providing I still listen to rock and metal, and I don’t lose my driving licence I’ll be posting for a while longer yet!