I thought I’d be a bit of a nerd and typed in the search box on Twitter ‘double glazing’ just to see what came up, below are a list of the tweets I found:

@damoomen: had double glazing salesmen round tonight, all ok until the end when he phoned his boss re me not wanting to sign tonight…kicked him out!!

@derbyskywatcher: just had a double glazing salesman round – you can never get rid of them!! :(

@WeeChrissieB: Just been told a load of lies by a double glazing saleswoman. She must think we’re stupid. Obviously didn’t realise one of us is an engineer.

@Mark_Thomas: Our little dog Lady has just barked at a double glazing salesman until he gave up in mid pitch and left us in peace. I’m proud of her.

The above is just a selection of what came up, and obviously all of the tweets weren’t bad ones. But, there are enough to make it noticeable. The search results mainly consisted of tweets used as advertising, jokes, or derogatory comments about sales people. 

What is evident is that the window industry is still the butt of many people’s jokes. We really have to be bucking our ideas up if we are to shake off our grubby image. Especially now in a world of real-time media. Sites like Twitter only make it easier to make your opinions well known.