One of the main principles of which the DGCOS was set up on, was to protect customers against rogue companies who go bust and phoenix time and time again. After all, this is the sort of practise that the industry wants to get rid of. So, when we heard of Croston Conservatories (one of the founding members of DGCOS) phoenixing again, most of us expected to see some form of action from DGCOS to show that they would be true to their word and not associate themselves with companies such as this one. However up to press there hasn’t been a peep!

Maybe the fact that owner Steve Butler has shares in DGCOS Admin Ltd and the holding company. A little fact I know, but one that could put DGCOS in a bit of a compromising position if they don’t take some sort of action soon.

This is the first test of the integrity of the DGCOS. Make the right decision by disassociating themselves with Croston Conservatories within the next week or so then their integrity stands. If they leave it any longer than a week, or choose not to do anything at all, then things will probably start to unravel for them. Since the DGCOS arrived in the window industry, many people were sceptical about their motives and credibility. The doubters of this scheme will have been looking and waiting for them to make their first mistake, and this could well be it.

One thing is certain, a hairy fairy press release from DGCOS won’t cut it, they have cut the company loose.