Below is the fourth part of the Quality Counts story:

19/4/11 Two fitters were sent from Leeds by the frame manufacturer. They were to replace some damaged sashes. I agreed to some foil tears being repaired rather than have all the frames changed. However, the new sashes,had filler, scratches/tears and 4 even had 25mm of torn gasket. These sashes were supposedly ‘thoroughly checked ‘ by the installer before coming to the property. The situation is becoming ridiculous. Can’t this place in Leeds make a window that’s at least 90% correct? Is it a labour problem? Is it their machinery ? Or both.
So now I have curtains and blinds removed , furniture moved and dust sheets down again .
20/4/11 Builder came to alter his poor bell cast over bedroom window. He has already altered the lower one. He didn’t redo it , just patched it up,so I don’t know how long it will be before cracks appear. I have no confidence in his work any more.
20/4/11 Today my new back solidor will be fitted . It was supposed to have been installed week commencing 14/2/11. I saw it in the showroom on 24/2/11 when I paid the £4000 interim payment the director asked me for. So it arrived covered in dust. It has been fitted. But due to the measurements being wrong, it won’t open. Something to do with the threshold. So I have a £1000 plus door that can’t be used. To access the rear of the house I have to use the front door and walk round. The alarm sensor on the old door has been disconnected since February in readiness for the new door. I’ve had a piece of plastic over the old door, where the arch was squared off on 11/2/11.
I can’t blame the new fitter for this, it’s the surveyors fault.
Regarding the cracks that have appeared in the mortar joints over two windows;the director told the fitter to inform he will not be fitting any ‘steel’ over them. Trade comments on this would be appreciated. I did not expect it to be done fore nothing.
The doors for the storm porch arrived today. Again they should have been fitted 14/2/11. They’ve been stuck in a storeroom behind the showroom for weeks. This would explain the dents, gouges and white showing through the foil. The fanlight had black gasket instead of grey. The fitters couldn’t install them.
The new window for the landing was unwrapped. There was a damaged area area which looked as though it had been touched up with a mars bar. So again the fitters couldn’t install it.
I would point out here that the landing window previously fitted had touched up tears and numerous marks on it, not to mention a weld which had opened up .
The fitters have removed the mortar used by the previous fitter and replaced it with a correct mix. They also replaced a small window at the rear of property.
The director has not informed what he intends to do re. the back door. Nor has he rung with an apology. 
The above part of this story was sent to me a few days ago, but due to us being very busy at work, and then the bank holidays, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to get it posted. So apologies to my sender, I’m not ignoring you!