Those who visit websites/forums related to the double glazing industry will have no doubt realised that they have fallen quiet over the past few weeks. Glasstalk is a perfect example. The forum really seemed to be gaining momentum with plenty of people logging on, asking questions, causing debates and the odd heated argument. But then about six weeks ago, activity on the site really seemed to fall off a cliff. Maybe it was down to people becoming busy as the year’s trading started to move into gear. Maybe the novelty of the site has worn off people and it just isn’t as interesting as it was before. To be honest, I haven’t posted on the site for weeks myself. Mostly because I’ve been too busy in the office. But also I’ve just had nothing to say on there really. Any of the bigger issues I have I write on here. But at the moment I don’t have anything of value to post on the Glasstalk site.

I have also noticed a drop in traffic levels during April. Partly due to all the Bank Holidays during the month. But there was also just a general drop in traffic. I think for the same reasons which has seen Glasstalk’s drop in content. This leads me to wonder if double glazing blogs/forum’s are a winter past time.

During the coldest and quietest months of the year, our businesses suffer their slowest months. This also means sales people have more time on their hands. And where do people turn during bordem? The web. That’s when sites like this one will benefit. That’s my theory anyway. Of course when a hot topic springs up, traffic will respond positively. But I do honestly think that those who regularly visited double glazing sites have now refocussed and have steered clear of the web to make sure more of their efforts are concentrated on selling and making money. I myself have been guilty of spending too much time during the day on the web. I’ve also been making and effort to spend less time on the web.

Tell me if you think I’m wrong, but those are the reasons I’m putting forward for the reduced traffic to both these sites.