>The glazing industry’s biggest organisation has finally joined the Twittersphere! 

Click here to go to their Twitter page.

I’m hoping that this isn’t going to be one of the Twitter accounts which posts one tweet per week, with things that we already know. Given the size of the GGF, they should be able to create a big impact within the double glazing twitter community. I’m following them, but if they don’t keep their account fresh with new info, then I won’t waste my feed on them!

I still don’t think companies within, or related to, the double glazing industry are using Twitter or blogs to their fullest potential. I still think that the mass majority of the industry are of the opinion that these communications outlets don’t matter, and that they can get by ignoring them. As most of you probably know, I sit on the other side of that fence. More and more people are using the web for their everyday needs, and more and more are using the web on their mobile devices. To not be set up to take advantage of this huge potential, would be frankly stupid and negligent.