National Average Prices Survey 2014

The time has come ladies and gents for me to finally get my backside in gear and announce my second National Average Prices Survey for 2014. Snappy title I know. You can see the first set of results here: https://www.doubleglazingblogger.com/2013/08/national-average-prices-survey/ I did my first survey of this kind in 2013 in an attempt to ascertain what [...]

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Poll Results: Getting To Know You

The poll on the right hand side of this site seems to have plateaued a little bit so this would seem like a good time to shut it down and take stock of the results: Getting To Know You Glass/PVC/Ali/Timber/Steel Systems company 14 17% Supplier 7 9% Installations Company 35 43% Industry bodies i.e. GGF, [...]

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National Average Prices Survey: Results

Back in May I started a survey which aimed to try and collate enough information to work out the national average price of some of the most popular work done within our industry. I didn't get quite as many responses as I wanted in the end, but I think I have enough now to paint [...]

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Last Chance!

Right guys and girls, as I tweeted earlier on on Tuesday I am giving one last chance to fill in a quick two minute survey which will help me try and put together a list of national average prices for what we sell. I originally set out to try and get at least 100 responses, [...]

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Survey Update

Firstly thanks to everyone that has already taken a couple of minutes out of their day to answer the survey I launched the other day. There certainly have been some very interesting results in so far. For example, on the composite door price question, there is a gap of £915 between the cheapest composite price [...]

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>Doors For £800 to £1000

>My most recent poll: How Much Should An Average Door Be Sold For? has finished, and the clear winner, and what most people think is that the average door in this industry should be sold for between £800-£1000. The rest of the results are below:These are how the results were split:£400-£600: 12£600-£800: 3£800-£1000: 23£1000+: 5There [...]

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>Let’s Do This Properly!

>Last time I did this I was getting systems companies and manufacturers all mixed up. So I'm doing it properly. The simple question I put to you is this: Based on product quality, service, reputation and price, who is the best profiles company?The choices (and there are more this time!):AluplastDeceuninckDuraflexEurocellHL Plastics (Liniar)KBEKommerlingLB PlasticsProfile 22RehauSAPA (aluminium [...]

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>My Poll

>In the end, the poll, as the graph shows, was completely off the mark in terms of what the actual result of the election was:Can you imagine if this was the real result!

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>Votes So Far

>At the minute my poll is showing that Labour and the Green Party have recieved the most of the few votes that have been cast. What did get me thinking though is how the double glazing industry would get along with a Green Government.Would they support investment into PVCu recyling? Would they be interested in [...]

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>WHS Halo & Sysneal Make The Best Window

>The poll 'Who Makes The Best Window' has finished and WHS Halo and Synseal got the most of the few votes that were cast:Because the poll didn't raise all that many votes, there are too many discrepancies to say that either Halo or Synseal is the industry's favourite. I was wondering to just keep the poll on [...]

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