I heard an interesting comment during a meeting with one of our suppliers last week, in which it was mentioned that if the general public find out that windows are set to be included in the Green Deal, people may wait until the deal is in place.

The obvious problem being here that the Green Deal isn’t set to roll out until October 2012 by all accounts. I know I’m risking this sort of information getting out to the public, but I’m using the excuse that not many of the general public will read this!

The industry has been campaigning for replacement windows and doors to be included in the new scheme. But we may have overlooked one or two issues. The first is the potential for the general public to wait until they can access the Green Deal, as I’ve explained. But also, the introduction of massive companies, such as Tesco, who have up to now nothing to do with double glazing, are now looking to take advantage of the major possibilities that the Green Deal could provide.

We don’t want to shoot ourselves in the foot, but there is a chance that we already have. My hope is that when the Green Deal is introduced it will allow for the new business generated to be spread evenly throughout the industry, rather than in just pockets and to the biggest businesses. However, as with other similar schemes, the giant companies always seem to make the most money.