For those of you on Twitter, you will have noticed I was heavily promoting @SophiiMaria‘s webiste; http://www.sophiimaria.blogspot.com using the hashtag #project100.

The whole aim of #project100 was to help Sophii’s site get past the 100 page views mark before the end of the day. And thanks to you lovely people, she actually managed to get to 106 as midnight struck! So this post is generally a very big thankyou to all those who heeded my tweets and clicked on the link to her site! I’m sure she’ll say on Twitter, but I know it meant a lot to her!

You may be wondering why I am promoting her site so much? Well, first of all, she’s my girlfriend, so that’s reason enough! But, on a more serious note, her aim is to become an actress. So she’s using social media to help get noticed by as many people as possible, and I’m doing all I can to help. The more people that know/speak to her, the better chance she has of finding opportunities. She’s also rooting out all those in the arts industry on Twitter and following them also.

Thanks to you guys, yesterday’s #project100 was a total success, so THANKS! However, the next post is going to explain the next landmark for her site to get to!