Over the last couple of months, with the site gaining more momentum and the readership expanding, I have been considering the viability of placing some carefully arranged adverts on this site!

So, this is your opportunity to get your company on a site that is growing at a fast pace. Why not advertise on a site that is averaging over 3,500 visitors per month and nearly 11,000 page views a month? Figures based on current rates of traffic.

The IT guys we use are currently organizing me a package for the site domain to be bought and transferred from Google onto their own servers. This should be completed shortly.

The site is updated with posts on a very regular basis, so you can be sure of strong, steady traffic ensuring maximum exposure for your ads.

I’m only going to be placing a few ads on the site. So if your ad is placed on here then it won’t face much competition from many others.

Looking to give your business some extra online presence on a site with plenty of traffic and increasing all the time?

If you’re interested in placing an advert on this site, email me at glazingblogger@googlemail.com to discuss further details.