MyTradeTV is very close to launching now. For those who don’t know, MyTradeTV is going to be an internet based hub for all things industry related. The twist with this site though is the video-heavy focus it will have. Unlike Youtube which is a general video site for everything and anything, MyTradeTV is going to be a video medium dedicated just to our industry and nothing more.

Companies are able to submit as many videos as they like, and because the site is going to focus heavily on the consumer, this is a great way to sell the benefits your products over the internet in a very specialized way. The site is going to be very content rich, so its not going to be another run of the mill, standard double glazing website that people will easily get bored with.

It’ll have a blog, company reviews, testimonials as well as covering every area of our industry so customers can really get into the nitty gritty detail of our wares if they so wish.

The launch of this site is coming very very soon, with the MyTradeTV Locksmith site about to go live. The double glazing site will be live shortly after that. For more details on how to get involved with this innovative project, contact @mytradetv or @dazmytradetv on Twitter or call 01226 345670/07414551663.