Last year we saw the demise of the GlassTalk forum site, which was a shame because in my opinion we don’t have enough industry related discussion sites or blogs. But, over the last few days, something seems to be brewing with the site. It has a new layout and is promising a bit of a revamp as well as confirming that there will be another GlassTalk networking event.

The new look site doesn’t hint towards the re-launch of a new forum section. I don’t know if they will. Running a forum does require a lot of effort. It needs constant moderation, site updates, daily new content to ensure fresh discussion etc. In an industry as broad as ours this is a difficult task. But I think we would all welcome it if it could be made to work.

In a broader observation, I can’t believe there are still only a handful of prominent industry related sites and blogs. With all the traffic on Twitter in our industry, I was hoping a few more blogs would have sprung up and we could have had our own little community of window blogs, but this hasn’t been the case. There are plenty of vocal people on Twitter that would make good candidates for blogs on our line of work.

Lets hope the site works it’s way back to it’s highly held position within the industry.