In an industry which is increasingly hard to get a decent foothold into with something new, MyTradeTV sort of stands out as one of the few success stories over recent months.

Both the Locksmith channel and the Glazing channel have only been live a few months each, but already the site is gaining good traffic levels according to MD Lee Clarke, with strong signs that the numbers are due to grow over the coming months also.

As the site grows, new little tweaks and variations are added to make the experience for the end user smoother, more interactive and more visually engaging – which is the whole point of the website, to be visually engaging. Rather than MyTradeTV being just another double glazing website with some company info, the site has aimed to be as modern, interactive, mobile, functional and far more content rich than other sites out there.

Recently, MyTradeTV managed to secure the key sponsorship of the GGF. A key move from the organisation who is actively trying to move with the times of the industry and be more involved with some of the more influential industry related websites. With the GGF on board, MyTradeTV has been given a boost on the credibility ladder and will ensure growth and progress of the site.

The site has endless avenues in which your company can store information, reviews, contact details etc. But the key to this site is that MyTradeTV will produce professionally made videos, a service which up to now hasn’t been readily available but is what is key to making this site much, much different to the rest of them out there.

To get involved with MyTrade TV, contact them on Twitter: @mytradetv, call Lee: 07414 551663 or visit: