Back in January of this year, UAP struck a deal with Borg Locks to become their master distributor in the UK. This agreement proved to be beneficial to both companies, UAP were able to expand in to other markets and offer high quality digi-locks at competitive prices, and Borg were able to benefit from UAP’s excellent marketing and distribution. Digi-locks have a market in every commercial building, every hospital, every public building, every school, every caretaker’s cupboard and more. The agreement has opened UAP up to these new markets, this is rather useful when the market dictates that you have to constantly adapt to make sure you succeed in business.

Since becoming Borg’s main distributor, UAP has enjoyed success with Borg’s digi-lock products and have enjoyed a good working relationship. This was proved recently when Borg were looking to offer an anti-snap cylinder as an option for their 3000 Series Gatelocks. They approached UAP who had the perfect cylinder for Borg, their UAP+ Zero Lift cylinder which is Anti-Snap, Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill. The UAP cylinder is now offered as standard with key override gate locks in Borg’s 3000 Series.


UAP believe that there is a future in electronic door technology, and I am with them fully with that. Technology in all areas of our life is becoming more electronic and less mechanical. Look at smartphones for example, they’re now becoming our remote controls for Samsung TV’s! So why should doors remain in the dark ages too?

UAP became the master distributor for Borg when Managing Director, David Jennings, decided that they needed to take on a high quality digi-lock range to coincide with the opening of their trade counter. David, who is known for always being on the lookout for new innovations, chose Borg Locks because of their patented anti-tension plate. This overcomes the massive security flaw that is found in most digi-locks which are easy to by-pass.

They now stock five series of Borg Locks which can be seen here:

The UAP/Borg partnership is proof of how good working relationships can provide mutual benefits for both companies and how forward thinking businesses like UAP can move into new market and cement their place in existing ones.

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