Last week I wrote about how it was the fault of the industry how we’ve allowed customer’s to have far too much control over us, but I also mentioned that the media, more specifically TV has also had a part to play in this.

Over the last few years, one of the worst offending programmes and the one that specifically gets my back up is Don’t Get Done Get Dom. Half the show is dedicated to Dom sorting out some sad soul’s problems. Usually people that should have been smart enough to avoid the situation they were in anyway. The other half of the programme is dedicated to showing people how to barter down everyone for absolutely anything! One example a couple of years ago really got my back up. Dom was talking to a woman who wanted to buy two PlayStation consoles from high street chain HMV. Now lets remember that HMV is struggling badly and has done for a few years. It’s a store that needs every help it can get. It does not need Dom Littlewood ushering in Joe Public and forcing them to barter the living crap out of the poor sales assistant and the business. From memory, I think that woman he shoved in the HMV store bartered the guy for about half an hour, made the manager come out just to give her a piddly amount off just so that she would leave the store. She got her two PlayStations and of course Dom Littlewood saw that as a success on behalf of the consumer.

Here’s where my problem is with this little cretin and his awful TV shows. He’s conditioning the general public to think that businesses have this big fat profit margin which is there to just be nibbled away at by bartering for everything! This  is NOT the case! Businesses are here to make profits. Not disgustingly large amounts. The profits at oil companies for example cannot be compared to normal businesses. But many of the tens of thousands of SME’s in this country are here to make a decent profit, employ people, provide jobs to make sure that other people are able to pay their own bills. It is not there for the benefit of the customer to take off!

All the way through this recession, all the focus has been on normal householders trying to save money. There is page after page, resource after resource and programme after programme dedicated to showing how people can save money, usually at the expense of businesses. Well now it’s time for businesses to have a bit of focus and teach the general public that they need to support their businesses. By forcing the business to give you money off, in turn it is their profit margin that is suffering. If they were to do this to everyone that asked, they wouldn’t be making money. Expand that further, and jobs could be on the line, making the economic situation worse.

Expand this even further. Imagine that woman who got the two PlayStations. Imagine the company SHE worked for, being bartered and hounded for discounts all the time. Their profit margin being eaten away to the point where her job isn’t safe. Would she think it is OK to hound for discounts then? I doubt it.

I was looking around on YouTube for video clips of Don’t Get Done Get Dom, when I came across this comment from a user who summed the whole thing up nicely: yes carl you right most of the idiots watching this clip dont get it.dom has now put into peoples minds that every thing should be for trade price. he does know better he just feathering his own nest. this country now in serious trouble because its also an attitude problem not just financial.i hope hes proud of himself he has single handidly ruined the economy and all the dumbies cheering him on will also be affected. morons.

Spelling is a bit bad, but the sentiment is spot on. Though I hasten to add he hasn’t ruined the economy on his own!

Unfortunately, while the nationals and short sighted companies in our industry carry on offering discounts when they really don’t have to, attitudes in our industry at least will now change. What you do have to ask is if the managers and people in charge of the sales departments are the right people in charge. They clearly aren’t driven enough to make as much of a margin as the business needs to make.

I might email Dom Littlewood a link to this. Hopefully he might read it. Would be good to get his opinion!