I think it is a fair assumption that there has been quite a few meetings over the last few months, discussing the issue of advertising and whether to start pulling out of the magazines in favour of the online market. Don’t lie and tell me they haven’t because I know they have! Don’t go there!

These meetings are occurring for the simple reason, that in a digital age, the humble printed magazine is a medium that is now in the senior years of it’s lifespan. Think of it this way; when cars were first invented as an alternative mode of transport, I’m pretty sure there will have been some people dead against them and still preferred horse and cart. Now, we wouldn’t dream of not using our cars! Well I’m pretty sure the same applies here. Don’t fight the future or positive change.

Lets look at it another way, how can you accurately measure how successful a magazine campaign is? You can’t really. This is where websites like MyTradeTV comes in rather handy. If you don’t know already what MyTradeTV is, it’s an online video channel/website designed specifically for our industry. As more and more people go online to search for literally anything and everything, MyTradeTV is here as a facility to allow people who may be in the market for new windows and doors. However, rather than just being a website bunged up full of text, MyTradeTV’s specialty is it’s professional video service. At the moment it is the only website producing high quality, professionally made videos just for our industry.

It has been live since the summer and has seen a steady increase in traffic and unique visitors. So, going back to those meeting you’re having, wondering whether to start pumping money into online advertising, it might be a good idea to start now before the room gets a bit crowded with everyone doing it.

I am lucky enough to know MD Lee Clarke on a personal basis and know how driven and forward thinking he is. The extra advantage Lee has is that he has been in the magazine business himself and so knows where the faults are and how his new venture into the online world can make the most of those and make sure that your advertising and videos on his site get the best exposure and get in front of all the right people.

What’s best is you can actually track the success of your adverts and videos from the site because everything is digital and it can all be recorded, something which magazine advertising simply cannot do! Oh, it’s cheaper than magazine advertising too!

Get in contact with the MyTradeTV team. To get involved, contact them on Twitter: @mytradetv, call Lee: 07414 551663 or visit: www.mytrade.tv