As many of you might have seen over the last couple of days, there have been some changes to the site. I’m using this post to explain them and hopefully you’ll find the changes better for the site!

Firstly, I’ve abbreviated my title. ‘Double Glazing Blogger’ is now an established name, so established that everyone online refers to me as DGB. So I thought it prudent to rename the site DGB and have my full name in the tagline just below it. Hope you all don’t mind!

I’ve tidied up the top menu. I had 17 pages in total and to be honest it was all looking a bit cramped up there and finding what you wanted might have wanted to find may have been a bit confusing. So I have cleaned the top up and left just what I think are the most important pages, including two new ones which I shall go on to explain in a moment. You can still see all 17 pages of the site by clicking on the pages tab at the bottom of the page.

DGB Business

As you’ll know, my interests extend to more than just double glazing. Come on, you didn’t think I was THAT sad did you? The world of business fascinates me. Everything about it. The economy, take overs, mergers, crisis in the Eurozone, the state of the high street etc. You get the picture. I always have something to write about it seems, and I did contemplate starting a new site which would host all my musings on anything else that wasn’t fenestration related. But this would have been too much work. So I decided that I would create some new pages on here, specifically grouping together all my posts related to that page. So from now on, any previous and new posts I write about business and now windows will be collected on this DGB Business page. The same also goes for…

DGB Tech

Again, because I have much more to say on just windows and doors, I need a space to say it  in. One of my other interests is technology. If you follow me and @GlazingGuru and others on Twitter, we often get into debates about the world of tech and who is better and so on. So just like the DGB Business page, anything technology related will be grouped here.

All posts written will still be available to see on the main page, so all posts of all topics will be on the same front page. But the new DGB Tech and DGB Business pages will group together just those posts about what that page is for. Just to make finding specific posts a bit easier!

So, hopefully you understand why I’ve made the changes I have and I hope you’ll find them useful while you’re wasting your working day on my site lol!