As the success of the MyTradeTV web channels grow, so does the website itself. It’s important for a website to keep evolving and keep updating – it keeps people coming back and spending more time on the site!

Of the new additions to the service, the first is the podcasts. The podcasts are the best way to quickly catch up on all the latest goings on within the MyTradeTV website. All the latest news, interviews and round-ups are on there. So if you haven’t got time to spend trawling through the website, using the podcasts will be the next best thing.

The second of the additions is the Case Studies. The Case Studies is an interesting one. As with any new website or business venture, it is important to get feedback and results up on there for others to see. This is exactly what this new page does. You can see the results of new companies to the site, as well as articles looking for help for projects to be completed. It gives a nice perspective of the site and the industry around it. This will probably become  a useful resource for people maybe looking for extra work as well as gauging what the industry is doing right now.

Lastly, if you have signed up to the MyTradeTV website, you may have started noticing that over the last few weeks you have been getting a news letter from MyTradeTV. Again, if you haven’t got time to go to the site and spend a few minutes browsing what is new, this is the next best way of having everything summarized for you in one nice simple email!

It’s good to see Lee and his MyTradeTV site continuing it’s steady growth within the industry. Starting a business in this climate and within this industry is a tough thing to do so any sort of success is hard earned and well done!