It’s a harsh truth that will make any finance director’s blood run cold: many businesses pour thousands of pounds down the drain on marketing campaigns targeting potential customers who have moved, ceased trading, retired or who are simply not real prospects at all. And while companies are wasting time and money on people who are never going to buy from them, they miss out on lucrative business on their doorstep that they didn’t even know existed!

When conducting a marketing campaign, it’s natural to spend large amounts of time and effort working on the creative aspect. Impressive visuals, a powerful headline, compelling copy and a call to action are all important elements in any campaign and will drive response if the message engages the target audience.

But the creative is only one aspect. If you supply the trade, commercial or new-build markets you will need accurate, targeted prospect data. And when you consider that within the window industry alone over 1,200 companies are changing their details every month having access to live data can give your business a competitive edge.

Insight Data has a team of 25 staff who are involved in researching and verifying business prospect data in the fenestration and building industry. The database currently comprises over 60,000 contacts with over 50,000 email addresses across fabricators, installers, IGU manufacturers, local builders, architects, house-builders and main contractors. The Insight research team make over 200,000 telephone calls every year to update the information while a sophisticated technology platform operating in the background feeds in the latest credit reference information, new company formations and other data to cross-reference and validate the Insight database.

Good creative and accurate prospect data will ensure your campaign works and generates sales leads. But sales leads do not mean more customers. Having a system to manage leads, track prospects and drive sales and marketing activity will ensure more leads convert to customers. And that’s where Salestracker comes in.

Salestracker is the online CRM system developed by Insight Data. It enables clients to access their prospect data subscription online 24 hours a day, from any PC, laptop or tablet computer with an internet connection. Users can then add notes, attach documents, record prospect and customer activity, and set and manage tasks.

Salestracker was designed specifically for our industry, which means sales teams, marketing people and management can be up and running within minutes – no software to install, no set-up, just log-on and off you go.

Sales people find Salestracker particularly useful in the field – turn up to a meeting to find it cancelled or delayed and just run a postcode search in Salestracker, which will reveal a list of other prospects in the area with product information, preferred system/suppliers, and even volume.

We are currently working on an all-new version of Salestracker and plan to launch this in April. The new Salestracker has been rebuilt from the ground up and includes some powerful new functions. We are very excited by the new technology but I can’t go into too much detail this point – all I can say is watch this space!

For more information or a free demo, call me on 01934 808293 or email hello at

Helen Costeloe-Hughes

Commercial Director, Insight Data Ltd.