2012 was the year that UAP invested a lot of money into product development and stock, so we hope that 2013 will be the year that will see us start to reap the rewards of that work and investment. So here’s an insight into what we are doing;

Fully Suited Range: In the first couple of months of 2013 we will be launching our Fully Suited range of door products by adding to our existing matched range with our own handles. This will give us the most comprehensive range of Matched Door Furniture and Security Hardware items in the market. We expect to launch with a range of nine colour options, including extending our Nanocoast Hardware range with Polished Stainless Steel and PVD Gold on Stainless Steel.

Nanocoast Door Hardware

TS007: We will be adding to our existing 1 star TS007 cylinder range with two exciting products.

First will be our Kinetica® 3* cylinder which has now been fully developed and is undergoing testing. Developed in association with well-known lock engineer Chris Belcher and protected by two patent applications, this will hopefully offer our customers the benefit of a 3* security cylinder but without the accompanying high price tag.

Second, is our range of 2* Security Handles with a 219mm backplate or 243mm backplate. Aimed to work with our 1 star budget cylinder to give you easy access to a 3* combination but at a price that is hard to beat. All of our Security Handles are colour matched to our Suited range for the ultimate in security and colour matching good looks.

The iPlate®: We have re-designed what we think the future Letterplate should look like. Sporting many features including what we believe to be the most weather resistant sealing on the market, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Again, this will be available in the full 9 Suited colours including our Nanocoast Polished Stainless Steel and PVD Gold.

Fire Check products: We aim to launch a new budget range of Fire check products aimed specifically at the 30 minute door market. This will include letterplates and door viewers at prices that will not be beaten. This is in direct response to the growth in demand for a lower priced product aimed at the 30 minute fire door market.

abstract fire on black

So in 2013, we have a lot to offer all of our customers. We hope it is going to be a very exciting year.