Well, if you haven’t already seen, Certass, the next big competitor to FENSA, has now joined our ever growing band of brothers and sisters in the Twittersphere.

I wrote and open letter, directly appealing to Certass to join a community where many of their members are already there, calling for them to be there. Before the post went live, I did send it privately to a contact at Certass for them to read before it appeared live on DGB. Though I didn’t get a direct answer, the fact that a Twitter account was set up just a couple of days after the post went live was their answer.

The whole debate about getting on Certass on Twitter started with @NigelGrantUpvc and @bigwindowfitter with a couple of comments from myself. Dean, who runs the @bigwindowfitter account also spoke in private to various people within Certass to help persuade them of the benefits of joining Twitter, of which there are many. So a mention and recognition has to be given to Dean for his endeavors in private for persuading them to go online.

This I think, is proof that Twitter and the gentle pressure it applies, does have an impact. If people use it properly and for the right causes, it can do some good. I hope that Certass use their account regularly, interact with both their members and the general industry for positive means.