After a plateauing of votes on my Revised Planning Laws poll, I have decided to take it down now. Thanks to all that took part! In all I managed to get 223 votes and this is how they broke down:

Question: Revised Planning Laws – Good Or Bad:

Total votes cast: 223

Benefit the industry: 26 votes – 12%

Cause disputes: 197 votes – 88%

This was far more one sided than I ever thought this would be and it has been a real surprise! A few of you asked why I didn’t include a “don’t know” option with the other two. I left this out purposely as I wanted people to really think about the planning issues at hand and come to some sort of decision.

Personally I thought that the result would be well in the benefits camp. I still believe that a controlled relaxation with a system in place to notify all relevant parties will benefit our industry and the wider construction sector. All that needs to be made sure is that any potential grievances are heard properly and any issues fairly overcome.

The proposed relaxed laws have still to be debated and put to the House Of Lords, so any relaxation won’t be imminent. In fact, if the Government take much longer over things then it is proposals like this which will actually get buried away due to the 2015 General Election!

I would like to say thanks again to all that took part and all those that encourage others to participate!