The time has come ladies and gents for me to finally get my backside in gear and announce my second National Average Prices Survey for 2014. Snappy title I know. You can see the first set of results here:

I did my first survey of this kind in 2013 in an attempt to ascertain what the UK charges for it’s windows and doors on a national average. A fair amount of you took part in, not as many as I was aiming for, but 31 people kindly took the time out of their busy days to fill in those 8 questions. I am hoping for a far bigger response with this one.

There have been some major changes in how I plan to carry out this survey. First of all, I have decided to split the survey up by region. One of the comments I had last year is that results might have been more accurate if they were per region, rather than on the UK as a whole. So this time I have split you all up, and the first question, as you can see below, asks you to tell me which part of the UK you are from. Once the results are in, I will present the results region by region, as well as the UK as a whole.

I have also tweaked some of the questions from last year. For example, the bi-fold door question has been changed to include aluminium and timber, as well as PVC. The bi-fold market has changed dramatically since the last survey, so the question needs to reflect that. The conservatory, or rather glazed extension has been changed too. The word has changed from “conservatory” to “glazed extensions” for a start. A conservatory isn’t really that anymore, so again the question needs to show this. Also, I am asking people to include all colours and whether it has a polycarbonate, glass or solid roof. This market has changed so much, it would have been wrong not to alter the question.

For this year’s survey I have also added an extra question. I am now including solid roof conversions in the survey. This has been one particular market that really has exploded over the past year, so I think it is right that they survey includes this rapidly expanding area.

Right, a couple of points to make clear before you start:

  1. This survey applies only for installation companies. However, it would be great if systems companies and fabricators could promote this survey to their installers for them to fill in. The more answers it gets the more accurate the results. But please, only installers wanted!
  2. Please only use supply and installation prices, no supply only or trade prices. The aim of this survey is to find out the average retail prices to homeowners, not to trade.

I am planning to let this survey run right up until the end of September in order to get as many results in as possible. I am doing this for a couple of reasons. Firstly I think we all take at least some sort of fleeting interest in reports like this, so I hope that plenty of you take part to make it an accurate one. Also, I think that there could be a commercial application for the results that homeowners could refer to, possibly in the new DGB Consumer coming up soon ;-)

So, you can take part in this survey absolutely free, right below. Also, I’ll be putting up a page on DGB for this survey so you can refer back to in when this post gets lost among all the future posts set to go live.

If you have the time, please spend a few minutes to fill in ten short questions. And tell your friends, get them to take part as well!

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