The poll on the right hand side of this site seems to have plateaued a little bit so this would seem like a good time to shut it down and take stock of the results:

Getting To Know You

Glass/PVC/Ali/Timber/Steel Systems company 14 17%
Supplier 7 9%
Installations Company 35 43%
Industry bodies i.e. GGF, FENSA Certass etc 2 2%
Hardware/parts 3 4%
Industry data/information 0 0%
Media i.e. print, online magazines 3 4%
Consumer 6 7%
Other 9 11%
PR 2 2%

The red numbers are the votes, bold numbers are the percentage.

I expected installers to make up a lot of the traffic to the site. Which if you’re a manufacturing sponsor on this site you will be glad to know! But there are a few categories which surprised me. Take the print and online magazines for example. I must have really pissed them off for them not to have clicked the poll…or they’re refusing to read my site now!

I am surprised that 7% of the site’s traffic seems to be consumers. Bearing in mind that this site is really meant for the industry, it’s good that DGB is slowly breaking into different areas of traffic. This might spur me on to put some more consumer related content on here in the future.

I did this poll really just to satisfy my own curiosity to see who was actually reading my blog. It was only a snapshot poll and was only intended to be live for a little while. Although it only got 81 clicks, I’d be happy to say these make a fairly accurate representation of my readers. Thanks to all those who took part!