I get a lot of these emails now, people sending me messages asking me for advice. However I got one the other day in which they asked me to post to you guys to get your thoughts on the matter at hand. So here is Andy, wanting to get some advice on a dispute he is currently having:

I have a dispute currently going on with builder of an extension, without
going in to too much detail unless you wish me to,

I have been told it is standard practice to install a window or door up to
a lintel?

Currently the door is fitted on top of DPC but it transpires I was suppose
to pack the underneath of the patio doors with timber, and install up to
the lintel. I was not told this at the time of installation despite the
builder watching me pug the sill on. I have now been told that the finish
floor level is too high for the doors to open and have been asked to re-fit
the doors to the lintel.

Do you have honest any comments on this?

I am pleased to have found your blog on the net and I’m quite happy for you
to post this for further comments.

Best regards


If there are any fitters currently reading this, I think your advice would be best served on this one. I personally always thought that a door should be fitted up to a lintel. But there might be something I’m misreading or missing out on, so I’m not going to say too much on this for fear of getting it wrong and looking like even more of an idiot that I already am! ;-)

All comments welcome in the section below.