Some of you may have seen it on TV already, but in case you haven’t, Safestyle UK have unleashed their brand new TV advert on the viewing public. This comes after their previous group of adverts were banned by the ASA after being declared misleading. So, here’s to the shaka-laka-boom-boom…

Yeah I know, it’s bad. It’s probably more cheesy than the previous ones. But the key difference with this one is the omission of any discounts or sales. Safestyle were told off because their last lot were deemed to mislead the public. It’s clear the next set of adverts, including this one, are going to go down a different, yet still very “Safestyle” route.

Will it provoke the same reactions from homeowners as the old ones did? Probably. Will it still annoy the rest of the industry? Probably. But the fact that we’re talking about it is achieving one of their aims.

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