Calls For Ban On Cold Calling Gather Pace

Tell you what, I'm a millionaire now! The amount of damages I have won thanks to those text messages reminding me of all the falls and accidents at work I never had but had forgotten about! I don't have to work any more! Of course I am being sarcastic! I'm sure that most of you [...]

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How The New Safestyle Ad Should Have Gone

If any of you follow the shouty man from Safestyle on Twitter and his blog, you'll know that he's been running a competition for people to submit their own 'better' versions of that annoying TV ad that has plagued us for over the last decade! Well, he picked a winner the other day. It's quite [...]

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‘£35k, No Cold Calling, No Hard-Sell’

I found this on the Total Jobs website. Recently on Twitter, I have been getting on quite well with both @safestyle and @the_window_man and have managed to have pretty decent conversations regarding our industry and other non-windows-related matters. But then I was shown this ad. Notice the two bullet points in the middle of it? [...]

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