Is it me, or do window TV ads seem to be getting better? I used to be of the opinion that a classy double glazing advert on the TV was an impossibility. Take this infamous example:

With tacky, and unfortunately memorable ads like this one plaguing our TV screens, was the classy window ad completely out of reach?

Maybe not, over the last couple of years Everest and Anglian Home Improvements have cleverly used the push on energy efficiency to improve the image of double glazing, doors and conservatories on the telly. Anglian has just launched a new one with Laurence Llwellan Bowen (hope I’ve spelled that right!), which I think is quite classy. It’s got a recognizable but respected voice, the imagery is slick and professional (unlike some of our industry fitters!). Unfortunately YouTube won’t let me embed the video of the new ad here, but if you click this, then it’ll take you straight to Anglian’s YouTube channel where you can see it there.

Everest have brought out some rather slick ads out in the last couple of years, using Craig Doyle, an experienced and suave Irish TV presenter to front them. Again, their use of the push on energy efficiency and A rated windows has helped drag PVCu windows out from the tacky room and into the ‘important for your carbon footprint’ room. Here’s a short example:

I also like the way ‘sales’ and ‘discounts’ aren’t being pushed in this ad – it’s clever in a subtle way. Everyone knows that a sale and discount comes with a cheap and tacky background. Everest are trying to create a luxurious and quality feel in the ad, banging a big old SALE sign in the top right hand corner is going to totally ruin that.

Maybe if all those other companies thinking of going on TV were to take a little hint from these guys, public perception of our industry might change for the better.