If you’re on Twitter, chances are you will have seen their account on your timeline at least once a day. Door Supermarket, the external door retailer based in Leeds, has joined the DGB family.

Based in West Yorkshire, Door Supermarket operate out of a 12,000 square foot factory in Leeds which doors of all kinds, including PVCu, Rockdoors, French and sliding doors, garage doors, stable and fire doors. As a business, they aim traditionally at the trade and retail sectors, although they do have fitting teams on hand should the customer want the door they have just purchased to be fitted by them as well.

As a company aimed mainly at trade and homeowners, there are a few features on the Door Supermarket website which stand out from the others. Firstly, they show their prices openly throughout the site. Whatever door you look at, you’ll see the price straight away. The upside to this is people can make quicker decisions as to whether to buy their products or not. It can be quite an efficient way to operate. Secondly, they have an installation guide. It’s all well and good selling direct to tradesmen and homeowners, but if they have never fit a door in their life and they don’t have someone to fit it for them, they’re going to have a problem. So they provide a detailed installation guide on the website which goes through the step by step process of removing the old door and prepping and fitting the new one. I’ve not seen it on many other industry websites so I would imagine that to any beginners this is going to be a handy little resource.

Door Supermarket also make a point of saying that all their doors are produced in the UK. It’s an interesting point as I am finding more and more that the desire to buy British has been rising over the last few years and will continue that trend in the coming years too. This should be a nice USP for Door Supermarket and should chime well with DIY-ers and homeowners alike.

Door Supermarket will be on DGB for the coming six months. If you like what you see during that time, these are the contact details you’ll need:


Tel: 0800 955 8959

Web: www.doorsupermarket.co.uk

Email: info@doorsupermarket.co.uk

Twitter: @DoorSupermarket