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Open Up Spaces With Clear Glazed uPVC Doors

With so much attention on colour and design for entrance doors at the moment, it's perhaps easy to forget that one of the biggest ways we can open up a room or let more light in is by installing a clear glazed uPVC door. Even better, a uPVC door that is fully glazed. Light and [...]

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New Materials, Traditional Designs

We seem to have come circle haven't we not? Four decades ago PVC made it's first introduction into the UK market, heralding low maintenance, new shiny white products, new door design made from modern new panels. It seemed a saviour for all those sick of the TLC that had to be applied to timber products, and [...]

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Beautiful Glass Designs From Door Supermarket

When a customer picks a composite door, the colour of the door is often what they focus on. The industry has served up white for decades, so there is a strong appeal for colour when customers know they can have something different. But what about the glass? Colour makes a big difference to a door, [...]

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Black Composite Doors

Out of all the colours that have emerged in our industry over the last decade, black has definitely been the most popular. We've seen black windows, black glazed extensions, black roofline products and probably the most popular of the whole bunch surely has to be black composite doors. So why have they become so popular? [...]

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Door Supermarket Latest To Join DGB

If you're on Twitter, chances are you will have seen their account on your timeline at least once a day. Door Supermarket, the external door retailer based in Leeds, has joined the DGB family. Based in West Yorkshire, Door Supermarket operate out of a 12,000 square foot factory in Leeds which doors of all kinds, [...]

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