With so much attention on colour and design for entrance doors at the moment, it’s perhaps easy to forget that one of the biggest ways we can open up a room or let more light in is by installing a clear glazed uPVC door. Even better, a uPVC door that is fully glazed.

Light and space

Clear glass can be an important tool in the search for extra light in a room, or at least making a particular room feel more open and less enclosed.

Quite often a clear glazed uPVC doorcan be very useful in rooms that back on a an extension or a conservatory. These adjoining rooms often block out a lot of the natural light in the rooms next to them because of their solid roofs, extra framework and other items like blinds which harm light levels. This has a negative effect on the adjoining room. But a fully glazed clear door can help alleviate some of that by allowing light to flood the room with as much light as possible. It’s something I did on my own home when I first moved in. We have a conservatory on the back of our house which had a negative effect on our kitchen. So we put in a fully glazed clear glass door in and the situation was much improved.

Making the most of the view

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with views to admire, then a clear glazed uPVC door is an ideal option to make the very best of it.

The clear expanse of glass is a great way either frame or free up a view. All too often doors with lots of panel are put in places which then end up blocking views out on to lovely moorland or coastal regions.

This also fits in with the growing trend of big glass units going into big window frames. Homeowners are increasingly asking for bigger glazed areas to make sure they get the most light into their homes and reduce the amount of framework in their windows. A clear glazed door would suit a theme like this.

If a clear glazed uPVC door sounds like the right product for you, Door Supermarket is on hand to help you pick the right product for your needs. Based in Leeds, Door Supermarket is one of the UK largest door suppliers with the widest range of products and brands, with all prices clearly shown on their website.


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