When a customer picks a composite door, the colour of the door is often what they focus on. The industry has served up white for decades, so there is a strong appeal for colour when customers know they can have something different. But what about the glass? Colour makes a big difference to a door, but the glass design is what really completes a high quality composite door.

Diamond composite doors

One of the designs that can often finish off the overall look of a composite door is diamond glass. It’s a type of design that has been around forever, yet on the right door, in the right colour, it can really make a massive difference to the overall look of the door.

Take this one on the left. It’s a modern design with four small glass units on the right hand side. Alone, this door would look well on most houses. But with the black diamonds and black border on each one, it adds a level of detail which transforms the design from a good door to a great one.

It’s not all about the diamonds though. Door Supermarket, the UK’s leading online store for all types of doors, have a stunning range of glass designs to suit any taste, style and any design of door you can think of. With literally thousands upon thousands of door styles to choose from, the variety of glass designs on offer is enormous. So rather than forcing the customer to choose from a select few, the client gets to browse through almost endless choice to make sure they end up with a new door that’s unique to them.

Glass can really make a massive difference to the overall look and impression of a door, that’s why Door Supermarket provides a wide range of glass options to choose from.


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