We seem to have come circle haven’t we not? Four decades ago PVC made it’s first introduction into the UK market, heralding low maintenance, new shiny white products, new door design made from modern new panels. It seemed a saviour for all those sick of the TLC that had to be applied to timber products, and the really out of date aluminium that condensated worse than the sauna at your local gym.

Now, we’re still using those same materials, but instead we’re copying designs and styles originally reserved for the timber markets decades, even hundreds of years ago. And we’re making a pretty good crack at it too.

Going back to the ’30s

The biggest signal that modern materials are going backwards in design are front doors, or entrance doors in general. The composite market in particular is tilting heavily towards the more traditional options. This black woodgrain composite door is just one example of a modern material copying a traditional design. And 1930’s style composite doors are suitable for properties such as terraced homes, big traditional semi-detached houses, even cottages and farmhouses.

So whilst door technology and choice has been moving forward in the past few years, design, aesthetics and character has been going quickly backwards, aiming to bring traditional front door design and modern materials with modern benefits together.

In the long run this could be a good thing for the wider window and door industry. Often entrance doors have been seen to have a particular look, much down to the fault of PVC door panels. Now though, with composite doors, colours and better woodgrains, the perception of entrance doors is changing. Homeowners now understand that they can have a traditional front door using modern materials, but can also keep the character of their home at the same time. A key consideration for most when they decide to carry out any home improvement.

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