Facebook and Twitter announced their Top Tens earlier on today, so in the spirit of lists and reviews, this is my very own Top Ten most read posts on DGB this year. To be clear, this is the list of most read posts that have been published in 2014. There are historical posts from years ago which have racked up way more views.

1. Lintels: Always Fit Them

This one came about after I had come across a series of jobs where we had had to fit lintel above the windows and doors prior to us taking the old ones out. They’re a pain to do, require extra work and costs the homeowner extra. However, the wording from organisations like FENSA don’t make it totally clear as to whether it is law to fit lintels when they’re not there or if they don’t need to. Clearly, this was of interest to a lot of you, as this was the most viewed post published this year.

2. “Free Upgrade To Triple Glazing”

Second up, a post about an Everest ad campaign, who later became a sponsor on DGB. They caused a stir when they launched their TV campaign advertising free up grade to triple glazing. Many, including myself in this very post, questioned how wise doing something like this was, when the product was so new. Still, it did attempt to raise the profile of triple glazing to homeowners, something which most other companies don’t have the advertising budget to do.

3. Fabric First Debate Opens Today

Third was a post which aimed to promote a debate that Saint-Gobain was holding on their website. It was a debate about the subject of “fabric first” building, and if it was something we should be adopting here in the UK, like other parts of Europe, such as Scandinavia, already have. I wanted to promote it as the fabric first approach was something I believed in. The UK has always considered price over quality on some many things, which works to our detriment. There are other parts of Europe however which take the opposite view, and in return, have far better architecture for it.

4. Synseal Tease Mysterious New Product

Next up, a post which covered a special new product from Synseal – the launch of a new aluminium bi-folding door product called Warmcore. This new product came with a dedicated PVC internal core, which according to Sysnseal is a game changer in the world of bi-folds and improves things like build quality and thermal efficiency. I haven’t yet seen the product, but the shots I have seen do look impressive.

5. PVC In Ten Years

This was my attempt at an educated guess as to the state of the PVC market in ten years time. It was the fifth most read post published this year. Basically, I predicted that in ten years time, timber alternative products would reign and shiny white windows would drop off. Did anyone else agree?

6. Reader’s Question: Help With Asbestos Issue

Everest feature again in this one, but this time on a slightly different issue. A reader had sent me an email regarding asbestos problems. Duly, as I try and always do, I decided to publish the email with the aim to try and help find an answer. This one had a few comments published, and was the sixth most read post published this year.

7. Eurocell Launch New Modus System, And You Can Get It From John Fredericks!

Next up is a sponsored post. The seventh most read post this year was the news that Eurocell had launched their new system, Modus, and that as a Eurocell fabricator, customers would be able to buy this from DGB residents John Fredericks. I have seen the Modus product myself and it’s a good one. In particular, some of the woodgrain effects that Modus comes in are particularly impressive.

8. Guest Post: Triple Glazing – Fact Or Fiction?

The number eight position is filled by a guest post from a friend of mine online, Mark McLean. At the time of writing this post, the subject of triple glazing was high on the agenda for many. This one had seven comments. It was always going to be a post to attract the most vocal readers on DGB!

9. End Of Door Knocking Days

The penultimate post in this top ten is one written right back at the start of 2014, where I talked about the death of door knocking and how it doesn’t and shouldn’t have a place in a modern window and door industry. Funnily enough, not everyone agreed with me on this one, hence the nine comments left on the post. All rather long ones too!

10. Industry Hit By Raft Of Law Changes

Last but not least, the tenth most read post on DGB this year was a post back in May talking about the raft of new law changes to be inflicted on our industry in such a short space of time. New laws have been a major talking point throughout this year, so it’s no wonder a post like this has made it into the top ten most read posts this year.