Within the past 12-months, Everest has implemented changes within the company that has seen many positive changes.

Gradually, the wholesale changes made at board level are filtering through the halls at Head Office and the staff are collectively ensuring their new brand messages are reaching the customers via social media channels, television ads and last, but by no means least, the Everest sales team.

Now, the unified message coming out of the company appears fully aligned: Everest is getting better.

2015 marks the year of Everest’s 50th birthday, but far from being nostalgic about the past, the employers are only concerned about the future and have identified improving “the customer experience” as a priority.

This is not to say that every customer-facing issue has been dealt with. Indeed, if one thing is for certain it’s that striving for perfection means there is always work to be done. What is undeniable though is the disappointment felt through the entire company upon learning a representative has turned up late or a customer has received unsatisfactory service.

More is being done within Head Office to provide a friendlier, more immediate system to deal with customers when there are complaints, with the aim of turning all negatives into genuine positives by the time each matter is resolved. Everest believes in the integrity of their customers and has faith that they will always show understanding if their issues are rectified promptly and with professionalism.

Within the past year Everest customers have experienced:

   * A better online experience, with social media channels now being used to

   communicate and reward existing customers and offer free advice on home

   improvements, as opposed to being an idle noticeboard of complaints

   * Greater rewards for their custom, with prizes including vouchers

   and a £10,000 home makeover

   * A vastly improved face-to-face experience with local sales experts since the

   opening of Everest’s own Sales Academy

   * Even better products with the recent launch of Everest’s warmest ever

   window – the highest rated window in the UK (A+12 for

   double glazed windows, A+21 for triple)

   * A more hands-on approach when dealing with customer enquiries

   * A growing product list, with an emphasis on superior quality, allowing

   Everest to offer the best guarantees in the business

What is important to Everest is that people get the greatest quality available to them within their home. This is why they have spent 50 years designing such a varied range of products, which have been installed in over two million British homes since the 1965.

In fact, Everest are doing something that is really quite daring. They are actually listening to their customers and are using their suggestions to make their products more accessible.

Indeed, Everest has started encouraging customers to ask more questions. Why? Because they believe if a consumer knows what actually makes a good window, they will almost certainly end up buying from Everest. The aim then, is to ensure those existing and eventual customers remain happy and continue to upgrade their home with the company.

Using double glazing as an example, if buyers knew that there was an optimum amount of space required between the panes of glass (20mm) so that the argon gas layered between them could block out cold air more effectively, they would understand why good double glazing was worth investing in.

Additionally, there are still a large number of consumers who believe triple glazing is warmer simply because it has an extra pane of glass. However, if an additional piece of glass is simply wedged into a double glazing frame, which some other window companies genuinely do, then the window actually becomes less effective. At Everest, we are able to use 12mm gaps in our triple to great effect because of the optimised coatings we put on them. The result of this science is the best window on the market.

Our new triple glazing is the:

  1. Warmest
    Whether it is heat generated by the sun or heat that has been created indoors, the extra pane in our windows helps to maintain that heat and our A+ 21 Rated windows help maximise energy efficiency.
  2. Quietest
    Nothing disrupts a cosy night in more than external sounds invading our homes, and the extra pane serves to block out even more than our double glazed windows. That all of our products are made in the UK ensures they are of the highest standards too.
  3. Safest
    Every little detail that deters intruders from your home is a bonus. The extra pane makes these windows a lot harder to break, giving you and your family extra peace of mind. What’s more, our windows each come with extensive guarantees.
  4. Toughest
    Our triple glazed windows feature a multi-point locking system as standard, and as they are also made with the finest materials on the market, their resistance is unparalleled.

So, while 2014 can be considered a success, it is merely the beginning of the progress Everest are looking to make in 2015, and although a cursory nod has been earned by the last 50 years of hard work and dedication, it is nothing compared to what Everest aim to achieve over the next 50.