Industry Votes For Twitter!

See what I did with the title there? Even DGB can't escape from the American Election! It is true though. Our industry has taken to Twitter on a B2B level so much better than on Facebook. Remember this post I did in May 2011?  in it, I wrote about the benefits of both platforms to our [...]

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>Industry Twitter Behaviour

> Social media is now getting very much embedded in our industry now. Some companies and indivi Mike Bygrave at Roseview Windows has created a poll: know how to handle it and use it to their advantage, some simply don't. Either way, we all have a behavior when using Twitter. The poll ask 8 [...]

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>Twitter’s Social Ethics

>In Twitter, as in life, there are social ethics that exist which when followed, make life a bit more pleasant. I always try to be polite, informative, welcoming and engaging on Twitter. I just think it's polite to do so. No need to ignore a newcomer if they say hi, or not to reply to [...]

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>Dot Com Bubble Burst 2.0?

>The internet is probably the biggest single continuing achievement in human history. It constantly evolves to become more and more integrated into our daily lives. It helps organize our lives, entertains us and helps run our businesses. And business is where it's at for the internet. Business and the internet rely on each other, hence [...]

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