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Proof That Social Media Promotion Works

For the first four days of the working week just gone I have spent some time away with a bunch of lads at a Centre Parcs being lairy, hungover and generally a bit daft in celebration of a mate's 30th birthday. That meant although there were some posts that went live on this website, social [...]

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Is Social Media Part Of Your 2016 Business Plan? If Not, It Should Be!

It's 2016. We live in very modern times that continue to move forward at a quicker and faster pace than ever before. It also means that businesses and business plans, including our own in the window and door industry, also have to move just as quickly in order to keep up with changing consumer demands. [...]

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The Power Of LinkedIn, And Why It’s Worth Using

LinkedIn has always been one of those social media platforms I have often wafted over to, but put very little effort into. I had always thought of it as clunky, hard to understand, it didn't flow well and at first glance it looked like the interaction and conversation within the window and door industry on [...]

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I’m Giving Google+ A Proper Go

Throughout 2014 I have been telling myself and you lot that I really need to make the effort to take a proper look at other social media platforms. There are plenty of them out there now. But the real challenge is deciding on which ones suit my needs best. I use social media to connect [...]

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Twitter Top 20

You know Twitter in the double glazing industry is getting influential when top 20 lists start appearing. So on a boring Sunday night, I got this tweet from @greendeal4wales: @glazingblogger Have you made it into the top 20 most Influential Twitter Users in the Double Glazing Industry? The link sends you to the Green [...]

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Always Connected To The Customer

I have a reader in the USA who calls herself on here; US Chick Selling Windows, and she raised a rather good point the other week when I wrote about the workplace becoming more mobile: Just because I’m curious about how it’s perceived in the UK, I will raise one negative issue I see with [...]

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Industry Votes For Twitter!

See what I did with the title there? Even DGB can't escape from the American Election! It is true though. Our industry has taken to Twitter on a B2B level so much better than on Facebook. Remember this post I did in May 2011?  in it, I wrote about the benefits of both platforms to our [...]

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Valuable Social Media?

May saw the floatation of Facebook on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the USA, with shares entering the market at $38 dollars each, valuing the company at a staggering $104bn! However, since the floatation, the company has been beset by problems. Firstly, there were technical problems at the stock exchange which delayed the trading of [...]

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>You Can Be Too Bullish

>Social media sights and blogs are full of companies stating how well they seem to be doing. It's been like this all the way through the recession years. Now some of these bits of information are probably going to be true, despite no-one being brave enough yet to post any figures to back up what [...]

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>Dot Com Bubble Burst 2.0?

>The internet is probably the biggest single continuing achievement in human history. It constantly evolves to become more and more integrated into our daily lives. It helps organize our lives, entertains us and helps run our businesses. And business is where it's at for the internet. Business and the internet rely on each other, hence [...]

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>Review Of The Year: 2011

>I know there are about 3 and a bit weeks left of the year, but I thought I might as well claim my spot and be the first to do a review of the year...from my point of view anyway!UncertaintyBefore the bad years, the industry could count on the typical buying pattern. Beginning of the [...]

>Privacy Is Good

>There is absolutely no doubting the immeasurable benefits that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have brought to the world. They helped orchestrate the protests in Iran in 2009 and helped the spread of the fight for democracy in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other states. They've helped businesses gain a larger presence online and [...]

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>It’s All About Google+

>Google's new social media platform looks set to be the biggest threat to Twitter and Facebook since...well pretty much ever.Up to the point of writing Google+ has a current following of over 10 million. That might not bowl you over straight away when you consider Facebook has passed 700 million users and Twitter 300+ million. [...]

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>The Benefits Of Social Media

>The two biggest forms of social media on the planet right now are Twitter and Facebook. Both these platforms have allowed people from all over the world to get in touch with each other, share information and pictures, and just generally chat. But how have these platforms been beneficial to the world of windows?Taking a [...]

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