Come 2010 another shake up with Part L of Building Regs will be in force. Just as last time it created a many number of problems for a lot of the smaller companies, it may have the same effect this time round.

Of the many changes, the one that stands out to me is the change of minimum energy ratings for windows. Most know that the minimum is going up to C energy rated from E, but there are conflicting reports as to whether this applies only to new-builds or to all replacement windows.

For those who are not yet geared up to install energy rated windows, it’s to be hoped that this only applies to new-builds only. If not, and it does apply to all replacement windows, it’s going to put huge amounts of pressure installers who haven’t made the move to energy ratings. For those manufacturers who haven’t made the move it’s going to be even harder, and potentially cost a huge amount of time and money, both of which most manufacturers and installers don’t have.

But, it’s been well publicised, I can feel an ‘I told you so’ coming on!